Ramadan/Eid Decorations

Ramadan Mubarak!

Four days into Ramadan and I have to admit that so far fasting has been easier than in previous years. This year, though, I wanted to kick off the month with festivity which means decorations and activities since I think it's important to make it a month full of warm memories and something to look forward to, despite the difficult fasting. I looked all around the internet and YouTube for decoration ideas and I found very few, so I decided to get creative.

In this post, I share with you my Ramadan/Eid decorations, and if you have any of your own ideas, please let me know in the comments section!

Eid Wreath

This first decor item is super SIMPLE to make (and very inexpensive!). My grand total for this wreath was $9! I purchased the wreath and flowers from Walmart and the EID letters from Michael's. 

The best part with the specific wreath that I purchased was that it required no glue or fussiness. I took the fake bouquet apart and arranged it on one side of the wreath. Since the stems are wired, they were easy to bend and secure into place. The EID letters were also easily tucked into the vine and the entire piece came out so beautifully! Plus, the flowers look like a crescent.

Here it is displayed:

Ornament Display

If you're anything like me, you love the holidays and with that come all the beautiful ornaments! When I think of Eid/Ramadan, the colors I immediately go to are golds, silvers, and blacks. All I did with this decoration was used a couple ornaments and placed them into a bowl on our living room coffee table. It's a simple and cheap way to bring some festivity to a room.

Eid/Ramadan Mubarak Banner and Fairy Lights

You can find Eid and Ramadan banners from online retailers, but I liked creating my own much better. I bought a blank banner from Target (last year) and used silver sharpie to write Eid Mubarak. Hung over a fire place, it is the perfect display. Add some fairy lights and you really get a pretty look.

This specific Ramadan banner was actually a free download! This is the link if you're interested:

Gifts As Decor

Gift-giving is super fun, but I think presentation is just as important! When you have beautifully wrapped gifts, they can serve as decor, too. Here are some of the ones we've gathered so far:

Party Fans/Lanterns

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any nice lanterns this year, but I found this party fan pack at TJ Maxx for $10! They are definitely generic but the colors go so well with the rest of the decorations that it looks like it's meant for this holiday!

Quote Jar

This idea is probably the easiest of all, and lasts the entire month of Ramadan. Simply pick your favorite quotes, Hadiths, and Qur'anic verses, write them down on notecards, fold them up, and add them to a glass jar. Add a tulle bow and the finished product looks super cute! Plus, you'll have awesome daily reminders all month long. 

Those are all my ideas for now! Share yours with me below :)



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