Highlights: A Rainy Weekend in Boston

A rainy weekend didn't ruin my short trip to Boston, Massachusetts! In fact, I find joy in gloomy, rainy days, especially if they're spent in a city as beautiful and charming as Boston. These photos are from my fifth or sixth visit in the middle of March -- I never get tired of this city.

A special part of Boston for me is the European feel, which makes it feel more like home. Despite being a big city, it's much smaller than what I'm used to with NYC. Plus, it's generally much cleaner and more intimate.
Rain doesn't ruin my day :)
A new shop I tried with my friend was David's Tea. We had never heard of it prior to that visit, and we entered it on a whim. For a tea lover like me, this place was like heaven. The wall behind the registers was lined with white shelves filled with colorful tins of tea. The other wall was stocked with goodies, tea sets, and mugs, all in pastel colors. This place was so magical and the tea I tried was delicious! We sat down inside the store to enjoy, and outside the window was a busy view of the city. Next visit, I plan on making this my first stop!

My friend and I stayed at the Hilton on Charles River, so even though we weren't directly in the city, we had a beautiful view of the skyline across the harbor. The Hilton had a gorgeous patio where they serve lunch right on the water, which is the setting of the photo below. Another plus was they had a "free" bus (included in our stay) that dropped us off at the subway -- really only fifteen total minutes to get into the city!

Boston is one of my all time favorite cities (along with Montreal, Canada), and I never get tired of visiting because there is always so much to experience each new time. Usually, I'm not a fan of revisiting the same places over and over but I believe every one has their own "home away from home;" a place with which their soul resonates. Boston is one of those places for me!

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