Highlights: Coronado Island / San Diego - California

My high school graduation gift three years ago was a trip to the west coast: Las Vegas, Nevada; The Grand Canyon, Arizona; and San Diego California. (I already wrote about my trip to The Grand Canyon here if you want to check it out!)

California lovin' - June 2014
An entire weekend was dedicated to this Pacific Coast city. We stayed at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside which had a unique view of the bay right outside the balcony and outdoor pools we took advantage of after we left the beach. Room service and breakfast in bed was also a nice treat... ;)

Mornings in San Diego
Room service 
View from Wyndham hotel
San Diego's climate is what I wish every day was like, averaging between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, while the nights dropped to the low 60s. You hear about it all the time -- this city is known for the perfect weather! Nights out in the city were particularly nice for me because I've always loved bundling up in a soft cardigan or light sweater, and days on the beach weren't sweltering and humid like they are in New Jersey.
California dreaming
After a day at Coronado Island! 
Sunsets are my favorite
Most of the days were spent on Coronado Island, about a twenty minute drive from our hotel. The sand was white and clean, the skies were void of clouds, and the beach itself wasn't very crowded at all. I'll admit, at first it was a little chilly to be solely in our swimsuits, but once our clothes were off we realized that we really didn't need anything warmer than the 70s. Plus, the water felt a bit warmer after a couple margaritas!

Driving to Coronado Island
Coronado Island
Coffee break!
Even though I've only seen so little of it, California is a place I'd love to revisit, particularly San Francisco. 

You can't experience the West Coast without In-N-Out
Thanks for reading! Until next time...

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