Paint & Wine

Adopting minimalism in every aspect of life really rewards you in the end. The aspect I want to share in today's post is gift-giving.

Instead of opting to buy my brother cologne or give him some type of monetary gift for his birthday, I bought him (and myself!) an experience. It was worth every penny: a night of paint and wine (beer in his case).

From the minute we stepped into the Uptown Art studio, I could tell how excited he was to experience something new. Neither of us are painters, although we both have some hidden creativity within us. But the experience and joy of creating something so beautiful ended up being the best gift of all. Another plus was the quality time.

Giving experiences as gifts is so wonderful because you are giving more than just the experience. You are giving quality time. You are giving thoughtfulness. You are giving memories. 

No more new watches and colognes mundanely sitting around the house serving as material reminders of another birthday filled with fleeting gifts. Instead, a nice Sunday afternoon out, an eye-catching painting, some creative effort, and beautiful memories to be treasured for years! And the cool thing about it is that if you are minimally-conscious, you could even gift the painting after as a special gift. So many great things come from a simple experience.

With that, I want to share with you a few photos of the progress of painting. What an intriguing process; we both had an awesome time eating snacks, drinking beer, and watching our brushstrokes mimic a unique piece of art.

Today, we painted Leonid Afremov's Morning Mood.

First... a blank canvas:

Then some mixing and blending of gorgeous colors:

Plus some leaves and trees and branches...

And a very tough little man to paint...

Three hours later, and the masterpiece is finished!

What do you think about paint and wine? I think anything that sparks creativity is a good idea.



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