Highlights: Parasailing Croatia's Coast

Parasailing the Adriatic Sea

My most recent trip to Croatia took me to the seaside town of Tučepi in the Makarska Riviera.  

Croatia has experienced a tourism boom over the years; in particular, its Adriatic coast.  Even pre-war, the Adriatic sea was a popular destination in the warmer months. My parents even worked on the Croatian coast during the summer months, serving and washing dishes at various beach-side restaurants!

The waters, especially in Tucepi, are crystal clear -- I was up to my shoulders in the water and could still see my feet. The waves are calm and soothing; I floated on my back as the soft waves passed underneath my body, bouncing me up and down along the coastline. Very different from the strong ocean waters back in the US that knock you over as they crash along the beach. Aside from the beach, the cafés, marinas, and night life provide constant things to explore and do.

One of my favorite adventures was parasailing, which I tried with my uncle (and I'm so glad I did). This was us boarding the boat...

And off we went!

Some of these photos were captured by my brother on the shore, and some with my water-proof camera from 200 meters above: 

This adventure was a steal -- I ended up paying $50 USD for the two of us (as compared to the $100 USD I spent just for myself during my vacation to Virigina Beach!).

Have you visited Croatia or any of the other Balkan countries? Let me know below!

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